Meet Children's Author Sherry L. Hoffman

How the Farm Wakes Up is Sherry's eighth children's book and third book with graphic illustrator and graphic designer Jacqueline L. Challiss Hill.  The sun rises above the countryside, waking the lambs, foals, chicks, calves, and other baby animals as a new day on the farm begins.  Adorable illustrations and design emit a feeling of warmth, working together with rhymes to show the young animal friends and farm family living peacefully together in and around the farm.

New book available for Pre-Order.

How the Farm Wakes Up is set to be released Summer 2019

-Excerpt from the new book ​How the Farm Wakes Up

Hello, Farm!  Hello, Sun!

Hello to the day that has just begun.

Hello to the piglets waking up in the hay.  Hello to the lambs still asleep where they lay.